McKay Building Company is dedicated to enhancing the homes of our clients with exceptional custom renovations and additions tailored to their lifestyles. Our specialized design + build approach yields incredible benefits: renowned architect Stephen McKay and seasoned builder Craig McKay offer a wealth of knowledge and an unparalleled combination of skills to create personalized renovation and expansion solutions, seamlessly integrating them with existing homes. What’s more, the benefit of fixed pricing makes McKay Building Company a standout: this amazing advantage is rarely seen in the custom residential renovation and addition industry.

McKay Building Company’s unique fixed cost approach provides clients peace of mind from the very beginning. Many renovation companies write up a quote with a large range, leaving the door open for surprising fees on top of a cost-plus scenario. Clients can then be held responsible for extra, unforeseen costs. Unlike other companies, McKay Building eliminates the risk of exceeding your budget, ensuring your project meets your financial expectations from the start.


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